This is a sneak peek of how I would develop the Pacific Northwest territory to build a healthy pipeline and quick time to revenue in an Account Executive role for WordPress VIP -- referring specifically to the high-level Portland, Seattle, and (hopefully) Vancouver, BC, areas.


Organize the territory by estimated sales cycle and revenue/win rates rather than specific industries. Quick, mid, and long-term deals will create a healthy pipeline exceeding x3 quota. This could be based on competitors or other known metrics that provide an obvious approach.

Time to Revenue

Focus time on three potential sales cycles to build a healthy and predictable pipeline using the highly effective 80/20 rule. 






The Focus
Covid Winners
COVID Winners

Businesses that have seen unexpected growth based on filling urgent needs of the COVID economy, such as productivity, touchless, and remote solutions.

Familiar Industries

Communicating the need for the right CMS is more efficient in familiar industries -- sports and fitness, gov-tech, startup, and security heavy businesses.


Find the low hanging fruit by picking off easy-to-migrate businesses utilizing competitor tools, including WP Engine, Shopify, etc.

Woo Colab

Many businesses are moving to an online sales approach with heavy media strategies. Find and develop these and begin to pull from Shopify. 


Portland, OR
Top Industries

Tech, Sports, Startups

Economic Impact

1700  tech businesses totaling $25.4B

- Office of Economic Impact

Big Players

Nike, Intel, Adidas

Seattle, WA
Top Industries

Tech, Bio, Clean Energy

Economic Impact

20.2% of WA economy is from technology. - CompTIA

Big Players

Microsoft, Starbucks, Alaska Airlines

Vancouver, BC**
Top Industries

Tech, Finance, Hospitality

Economic Impact

7000 technology businesses.

- bcbusiness.ca

Big Players

HSBC, Hootsuite, Talus


Utilize current tools to find competitor sites, ask questions to find pain points, and build value. Win on better security. Utilize the team and focus only on tactics that are proven to avoid wheel spinning. Businesses that have excelled, benefited or received funding through COVID.


Shelf Engine (WP, WP Engine, C19 winner)

Cayuse (WP, WP Engine, C19 winner)

DemandStar (GovTech, WP, ? Host, C19 winner)

Icertis (WP, Woo, Cloudflare, AMS)

Convoy (WP, WP Engine)

Athira Pharma (WP, Unified Layer hosting)

Vega Nutrition (BC) (Cloudflare, Shopify)

Velocio (Shopify, personal in)

Giant Bicycles (personal in)

Nike (personal in)

The How
There is no need to recreate the wheel. What is working, and how can I get up to speed ASAP?

It's important to understand clients' problems to provide the best solutions. 

  • Security
  • Scale
  • Performance

When the value exceeds the price, people will give money.

I do little things to show I am not just a sales guy and build rapport. A quick visit, a coffee, a conversation without talking about the product, getting the hard questions answered, and even a bike ride. The little things go a long way.


Cadance A

Day 1: Email

Day 2: Send case study, Call w/VM

Day 5: Email in AM, Linked In VM in PM

Day 6: Email

Day 7: Email in AM, Call in PM w/VM

Day 9: Call in AM, Email in PM

Day 11: Email

Day 15: Email

Day 16: If no response, move to the back of the bus


Cadance B

Day 1: Email

Day 2: Social connect, Send case study

Day 2: Call w/VM

Day 5: Email

Day 6: Email

Day 9: Call in AM, Email in PM

Day 11: Email

Day 15: Email

Day 16: If no response, move to the back of the bus